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Powerful Admin & Reporting

Overview Video

Did you know you can easily present all your own branches, ATMs, surcharge-free network ATMs, shared branches, retail placements, and more in one cohesive solution in your website, mobile apps, and online banking?

Credit Unions and Banks face plenty of challenges in their mission to provide the most convenient access possible for members and customers. Providing accurate and up-to-date location information for thousands of locations doesn’t have to be one of them. We’re here to help.

This 3-minute video gives an executive overview of some of the key features and benefits of the Wave2 Branch & ATM Locator.  Click the play button to watch, and then please scroll down to explore in more depth.

Be sure to also click over to the live demonstration pages and take a test drive of the locator yourself.

We are confident that once you see it in action, you will want the Wave2 Locator working for your financial institution.  It will help make your web and mobile presence more powerful, informative, and convenient.

Fast, Modern & Intuitive User Interface

The list of great features in our locator keeps growing, but we want to point out just a few highlights of the Wave2 user experience.


All Your Locations, Together

Show the latest location data for your own branches & ATMs along with all your surcharge-free network ATMs, retail placements, shared branches, and more – together in one easy-to-use solution right inside your website, mobile apps & online banking.


Intuitive Search

Easy-to-use search with predictive text autocomplete, ‘find me’ geolocation, search filters and more make it simple and quick to navigate.


Live Hours

Easy-to-understand and attractive hours displays and clear open/closed indicators let your clients know when each location is open.

Interactive Responsive Features

Mobile-responsive layouts, features, info panels, popups, lists, and more interactively respond and adapt to the actions, device type and screen size of the viewer.



We can provide multiple locator versions  and translate major user interface elements into any language you may need to better serve your members or customers.

Innovative Display

Captivating angled birds-eye-view, 3-D building models, as well as convenient zoom reset and navigation controls makes our locator easy and even fun to use.

Proprietary Map Servers & Design

We serve our own maps, and design our own map tile styles, which means we control the and protect your mapping experience and costs.

Unlimited Photos

Upload, assign, and display as many location photos as you like, in an attractive photo slideshow for each location, right on the map.


Mobile-First Responsive Design

Users are trying to find you while they are on -the-go, so your locator experience absolutely has to be optimized for phones, tablets and automatically responsive to screens of all sizes.

Powerful Integrations

Our growing list of partners and integrations includes scheduling providers, chat bot providers, voice computing partners, and more. Get in touch to integrate your favorite solutions. 

Mobile APIs

The Wave2 Locator was developed to provide a great user experience and accessibility on mobile devices, tablets, and full sized screens alike, and countless hours and years of experience have gone into every detail of the design of our features and user interface. 

However, we know that sometimes you need to control every aspect of your user experience and the GUI.  We get it!  That’s why we have developed extensive APIs which give your in-house or third-party development teams access to all the data and functionality that powers our locator behind the scenes.

The Wave2 Locator APIs can make it easy for your own mobile app team, your kiosk designers, your branch digital signage vendor, even your home banking provider to integrate all this powerful location information into all your systems and to make requests and get results just like our own locator GUI does.

But it gets even better – we also provide a variety of direct page insertion scripts that allow you to embed branch and ATM location information, hours and other details directly into your branch-specific pages so that those pages will be dynamically data driven and will be updated in realtime by your Wave2 Admin Portal updates.

That same system can insert simple miniature single-location maps into your pages, and it can even insert LocalBusiness Schema data into the content of your pages to assist with SEO and local business search engine listings.

Please get in touch today to discuss your specific needs with our technical team. We’ll have you up and running in no time!

Features & Highlights

The Wave2 team has applied all the insight and knowledge from over 25 years of experience in creating Branch & ATM Locators for credit unions and banks of all sizes, from the largest credit unions in the world to small community banks, and everything in between.

We’re  excited to bring you the next wave of locator technology!

Compelling Modern Interface

Users are captivated by our crisp, easy-to-navigate user interface, our birds-eye view perspective and 3-D buildings, our open/closed indicators, multiple hours tables, unlimited location photos, attractive custom map markers, animated zoom, pan and spin, and more.

Mobile Responsive Design

An effective mobile-first design is critical to success today.  The Wave2 Locator is a mobile-first design that will automatically reconfigure features to look and work great on small phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, huge screens, and everything in between.


ADA / WCAG 2.0 Compliance

Recently, credit unions and banks have come under fire from regulators and advocacy groups for not having ADA Accessible website features.  The Wave2 Locator has been designed with ADA goals in mind from the very beginning, and we continually self-assess our performance.

Superior Performance

Our speed, data quality, update rate, custom mapping engines, mobile APIs, user interface features, security, and server reliability are simply unmatched and will continue to evolve and improve as we grow.

100% Uptime, Guaranteed

We have built a truly world-class enterprise level server infrastructure that is secure, unshakeable and very scalable.  We are so confident in our systems that we now offer a 100% up-time guarantee. If you see any appreciable downtime, we will give you a pro-rated refund to make up for it.

Obsessive Customer Service

We know we are here for one reason: to serve you as best we can with great technology and innovative products every day.  We are proud to deliver the fast and responsive customer service experience you deserve, every day. We strive to respond quickly and thoroughly to any issues or requests that may come up.

Powerful Admin & Reporting

In our Admin Interface, you will have access to detailed up-to-the-minute statistics and reports to help you better understand how your locators are being used every day and where users are trying to find your locations.

Mobile API Support

Behind the Wave2 Locator lies a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) that can be used in a variety of ways by your development team, or by your third party web, mobile, and kiosk providers. Harness all of our data behind the scenes of your own systems!

SEO Page Content System

Maintain your branch pages automatically from the Wave2 Admin Portal so that changes in your locator also updates details, hours, individual highlight maps, and even LocalBusiness SEO schema data in your branch pages with no additional work on your side. 

Proprietary Map Tile Servers

Do you know that Google Maps recently increased their prices by more than 1,400 percent!  In many cases they also promote big banks right inside YOUR map!  At Wave2, we control our own map servers, give you unlimited usage, and filter out all competing financial institutions.

Multi-Lingual Capabilities

We already offer English and Spanish language versions of the locator, and we can also implement translations for just about any other language you may need to support as well. Just let us know what you need and we’ll get to work!

Updated Maps & Data

How often is your map data and imagery updated? What about those tens of thousands of ATM Network locations all over the country?  Wave2 updates ATM network data every day, automatically, with no action required on your part.

Security & Reliability

All Wave2 applications are hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, with security and privacy built right into the Azure Platform.  Everything is running Live-Live High Availability and meets 99.95% SLAs. We take security seriously, and all data is 256-Bit encrypted, in transit and at rest. We have automatic redundancy and constant self-checking for all services which all but eliminates the need for disaster recovery. The entire infrastructure undergoes routine security audits by reputable firms and uses PCI industry standard security practices. In short: extremely secure, unshakeable, high performance, highly scalable.

Ongoing Innovation

At Wave2 we have the most fun when developing new features and new products and services to address the challenges facing Financial Institutions every day.  We are committed to continuing development and enhancement of the Wave2 Locator, and we’ll keep you up-to-date as new features are added.  But we are also passionate about creating totally new solutions!  If you have a great idea or a burning need that would help your institution, we would love to hear about it.  Maybe you will inspire our next big offering!

Affordable & Flexible Pricing

Wave2 serves financial institutions of all sizes and we are comfortable working with one-person marketing teams as well as large organizations with challenging requirements. We make our products affordable for organizations of all sizes by offering tiered pricing plans.  We are also flexible whether you are looking for monthly billing or a multi-year contract.  Finally, we are creative and we are ready to win your business even if you are still roped into an existing contract. Please get in touch and let us know what we can do to make it work best for you!

SEO Marketing Content System

Consumers are looking for your branches and ATMs in their own neighborhood, town, or zipcode!  The search engines are looking for relevant, targeted, localized keyword-rich content in your website to help people find you nearby.

Is your website content doing anything to help in that mission? Don’t miss the opportunity to craft your website so that the search engines and consumers will find you wherever they need you!

Wave2 SEO Marketing Content will literally create tens of thousands of pages of locally-targeted content-rich search engine optimized text displayed within specially designated sections of your site.  You’ll design the surrounding content of those pages so your website visitors will find plenty of relevant information about accounts, membership, loans, and other products and services you offer.

The result is opportunity.  People will be searching for your financial institution in their neighborhood… and with Wave2 they will find exactly what they are looking for…. YOU!

Admin System

In our powerful, yet easy and intuitive Admin System, you can upload, edit, and geocode your own locations, control your network locations, search options, and other configurations for your web and mobile locators, adjust your branches and ATMs placement down to the pixel, and much more.

The Admin Portal Also offers extensive tracking and reporting resources.  View daily traffic statistics and drill down into usage trends, search request data, user location data, and more. 

This goes way beyond just raw tracking data.  Our powerful new Heat Mapping and Cluster Mapping visualization technologies show you where your users are trying to find you, in real time. This can help you to really understand where your customers and members are looking for branches and ATMs.  User behavioral data can unlock demand and trending for new ATM placements, growth opportunities, targeted marketing hot spots, and more…. all just as a side benefit of using the Wave2 Locator.

From Our Customers

We love to not only provide a great technology solutions for our financial institutions, but we also strive to be a partner and collaborator with you, looking forward to future ideas and developments together.  We hope to feature you on this page soon!

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Tamim Mahmud

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Pellentesque sed euismod mauris. Nec sollicitudin finibus, ligula quam dui maximus ornare ex nulla ut lacus, sit amet cursus leo.
Tamim Mahmud

Lead Designer, AroLab Digital

Pellentesque sed euismod mauris. Nec sollicitudin finibus, ligula quam dui maximus ornare ex nulla ut lacus, sit amet cursus leo.
Victor Ron

Sr. Developer, Extreen Inc

Get Started Today!

Getting started with Wave2 is quick and easy. We can have you up and running with a personalized branch and ATM locator in your website in just a few days. We can also get to work right away with your mobile team or your third party website and mobile app providers to integrate our APIs behind the scenes.

We are flexible with contracting and billing, and in many cases may be able to get you transitioned to the Wave2 Locator with no financial impact while you are still under contract with  another provider.

Just drop us a line using the form below, or contact Dolphin Debit Access directly at 877-247-4182 or by email at sales@dolphindebit.com. We’d be happy to schedule a live webinar to show you and your team the details and answer any questions you may have.

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