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Admin Portal Tutorial Videos

Part 1: Location Management

Scroll down to access a series of videos that explore the Location Management functionality in the Wave2 Locator Admin Portal.


1. Admin Portal: Overview & Navigation

The Wave2 Locator Admin Portal gives you control over all your location details, locator configuration settings, locator style settings, images, branding, integration options, and more.

This short introductory video gives an overview of the dashboards, menu structure and system navigation of the Admin Portal. Videos below will get into detailed tutorials on how to manage and edit your location details. 

2. Manage Locations: Updating Basics

The Manage Locations section allows you to easily control all the details of your branches and ATMs in real-time.

In this first section, we explore the locations data grid and demonstrate how to find locations, access their editing screen, update your location address information, commit changes, and see them go live in your locator.

 Further down the page, you will find a tutorial video about bulk location updating via file upload, which is much faster than manual updating when you have many updates to make.

3. Manage Locations: Details & Bullet Points

In this section, we continue to explore the manage locations screen, focusing in on the special features of the branch or ATM, the bullet point details, the custom rich text notes, and more. 

We also show you how to hide or suppress a location so that you can create it in advance but not display it in your locator until you are ready.


4. Manage Locations: Hours & Pin Placement

In this section, we get even deeper into the manage locations tools, this time focusing in on the management of hours. The hours system  includes open and close times, 7 days a week, for up to 3 different resources at a location.  For example, you could have different hours for your branch lobby, your drive up lanes, and your video teller / ITM.

Then we show you how to adjust your map pin placement with a simple drag and drop interface that gives you pixel level precision and control. 


5. Manage Locations: Photos & Images

In this section, we finish our exploration of the location editing screen with the slideshow photos, map marker images, logo images, and a side mission to the media manager to upload and name our photos. 

We’ll show you how quick and easy it is to over-ride the default marker or logo imagery for individual locations, how to upload and how to assign photos to your slideshows. 


6. Manage Locations: Holidays & Alerts

In this section, we explore creation and editing of banking holidays, and we delve into the powerful location alerts system.  

Location alerts are particularly important because they allow you to easily communicate about closures, changing hours and availability of resources during weather emergencies, wildfires, global pandemics, and even simple ATM outages and maintenance windows.


7. Bulk Updating Your Locations Via File Upload

In this Quick Help Video, we explore the process of updating all your location data at once by uploading a spreadsheet into the Admin Portal.

It is important to note that this approach will completely overwrite your location data, so be sure that the file contains all of your own branch and ATM locations.

This is the in-depth tutorial version, but there is also a Quick Help video on this topic that does not go into nearly as much detail.



8. Getting Help: Knowledge Base & Support Tickets

In this section, we explore the Wave2 Help System, including our searchable knowledge base full of help articles on a variety of topics, our support ticket submission system, and email support.