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When it comes to banking and managing finances, convenience and accessibility are paramount for consumers. That’s why having a robust branch and ATM locator on your website and mobile app is crucial for credit unions and community banks looking to provide an exceptional experience for their account holders.

A well-designed locator not only makes it easy for customers to find your nearest locations, but it can also offer several other valuable features that can benefit both your institution and your audience. Here are three locator features you may not have known your financial institution needed:

1. Dynamic Search Forms

One of the most important aspects of an effective branch and ATM locator is its visibility and ease of use. By placing a locator search form prominently on your website, you’re making it incredibly simple for visitors to find your nearest branches or ATMs when they need assistance or are making important financial decisions.

With the Wave 2 locator, you can take this convenience to the next level – with the ability to place a locator form anywhere on any page of your site. User searches can be entered on your homepage, header, footer, sidebar – anywhere! Then the user is taken right to your locator page with their search location preloaded!

This level of convenience not only enhances the overall user experience but can also drive more foot traffic to your physical locations. When account holders can quickly locate the most convenient branch or ATM, they’re more likely to take advantage of your institution’s availability and trust you are able to meet their banking needs.

2. Leverage LocalBusiness Schema for Better Discoverability

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for ensuring your website and its content are easily discoverable by current and potential account holders. One way to boost your SEO efforts is by implementing LocalBusiness schema, a type of structured data code designed to help search engines better understand and display information about your financial institution, its services, and its various locations.

Advanced branch and ATM locators like Wave 2 can automatically generate this LocalBusiness schema in real-time, providing your website with content tailored specifically for search engine discovery. By leveraging this feature, you can improve your institution’s online visibility, attract more organic traffic, and ultimately reach a wider audience of potential account holders. Then, your LocalBusiness schema data in your site is automatically updated in real-time whenever you make changes to your location data in the Wave2 Admin Portal.

Wave2 Locator Tracking and Reporting Data Visualization

3. Scheduled Location Alert Messaging

Effective communication is key to maintaining strong relationships with your account holders and community members. That’s where scheduled location alert messaging comes into play. With this feature, you can create targeted communications about branch or ATM closings, renovations, maintenance, or weather emergencies right on your location detail pages. When a user is looking for location information, they see your important messaging, with highly visible formatting and placement, right at the point of interest.

By keeping your audience fully informed about any changes or disruptions to your services, you not only demonstrate transparency but also ensure that they can plan their banking activities accordingly. This level of proactive communication can go a long way in building trust and fostering a positive reputation for your credit union or community bank.

Location Alerts can be created, managed, and edited manually in the Wave2 Admin Portal, or they can be managed automatically with our APIs. They can be scheduled well in advance or created on the fly to respond to a crisis. However you manage them, they give you a powerful channel to communicate with your account holders in a targeted, relevant way.


Implementing these three locator features can significantly enhance the overall experience for your account holders and community members. By prioritizing convenience, discoverability, and effective communication, you’ll not only meet their expectations but also position your financial institution as an account holder-centric organization dedicated to providing exceptional service.

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