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Banks and credit unions know that having an easy-to-use, up-to-date branch and ATM locator is critical for account holder satisfaction and acquisition in today’s digital world. However, not all locators are created equal. Making sure your institution is equipped with a locator that offers the most modern features available can set your financial institution apart. It can also provide superior service to website and mobile application users. Here are four must-have capabilities to integrate into your next locator build or upgrade.

Proprietary Map Tiles

Generic mapping interfaces keep raising prices and often promote competing locations. Rather than relying on these common solutions, leverage custom-designed map tiles in your locator application. Proprietary tiles offer unlimited usage without incurring ongoing fees from third-party mapping providers. Plus, with full control over map data, you can filter out results for competing banks and credit unions. This helps keep account holders’ attention focused squarely on your branches and ATMs.

Custom tiles also allow for greater flexibility in styling maps to match your institution’s brand image. Whether emphasizing branch locations with custom icons or integrating your brand colors into the user interface, proprietary maps help strengthen brand recognition and affinity. 

Multilingual Capabilities

In today’s multicultural world, offering multi-lingual support in your locator tool is no longer an added bonus — it’s a must. Advanced locators can translate user interfaces and returned data into the languages your financial institution knows are spoken by your local communities. This translation capability helps remove friction and increases engagement among diverse demographic groups within your service areas.

In 2023, 13% of the U.S. speaks Spanish at home with 42 million native Spanish speakers. At a minimum, financial institutions should aim to support English and Spanish language options across their platforms – including their branch and ATM locator. For regionally focused institutions, it is a good idea to consider supporting additional languages like Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, or French if they are spoken widely in your area. Current and potential account holders will appreciate the effort to serve them in their native language.

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Frequently Updated Data

Nothing frustrates online and mobile locator users more than inaccurate location data and maps. To keep account holder satisfaction high, branch and ATM locators require fresh information and updates on an ongoing basis.

Financial institutions should seek out tools that ensure the credit union or bank’s mapping has the most accurate mapping information. There should also be steps taken to keep the locator up to date with the correct addresses, hours, and other key details for your financial institution’s branches, shared branches, ATMs, ITMs, and surcharge-free network ATMs. These regular updates keep maps and results as current as possible without manual data entry.

Reporting and Analytics

Modern branch and ATM finders do more than simply provide maps and directions. The best tools also collect invaluable usage data and statistics your financial institution can leverage to improve services and identify growth opportunities.

Having a locator dashboard that tracks popular search destinations and top-viewed location details is invaluable. This data sheds light on which branches, ATMs, zip codes, and cities are the most sought after by account holders and the community. It can also help see when users are searching for financial access as well as what features and services have the most interest.

Ideally, your locator will support more advanced analysis such as tracking searches by geographic location. Knowing where account holders are searching from, even if not among current branch sites, can inform expansion plans with hard data on areas of high demand.

Integrating reporting into your locator delivers actionable insights that are unavailable from standard mapping software. Banks and credit unions can then take those analytics insights and put them to work improving account holder and community experiences – expanding access to financial products and services.

Having an advanced solution like the Wave 2 Branch and ATM locator helps financial institutions provide their communities and account holders with convenience as well as an exceptional user experience. Modern features like multilingual interfaces, fresh mapping data, and robust analytics demonstrate your institution’s commitment to world-class digital services both today and into the future.

The Wave 2 branch and ATM locator offers all of this, and much more, and continues to innovate and evolve every day. Contact Wave 2 to discover how your financial institution can take advantage of advanced Branch and ATM locator technology today!

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