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Consumers today expect convenience and easy access to information from their banks and credit unions. But, for some reason, an innovative, interactive branch and ATM locator isn’t always first on the standard financial institution “to-do” list. But the truth is locators give account holders the convenience and information they want while improving the institution’s SEO and collecting valuable consumer data. Here are three key reasons why your credit union or bank needs a state-of-the-art locator on its website and mobile application.

Branch and ATM Locators Provide Unique Local Information that Boosts SEO

When search engines like Google look at your institution’s website, they want to see fresh, localized content that sets you apart from competitors. An interactive branch and ATM locator that allows searches by zip code or current location is perfect for helping to provide unique information tailored to each user – meaning lower bounce rates and better SEO rankings.
An innovative locator with custom results can provide a page with longer visitor time and increased return users, both stats that help provide more positive scoring in search results. These systems are also capable of incorporating schema markup to further enhance SEO. This markup enables search engines to better understand the branch information results on your page.
With an advanced locator, your institution can rise to the top of local search results when consumers are looking for branches and ATMs in specific neighborhoods. And your institution can stand out from other banks and credit unions by giving account holders hyperlocal results.

Locators Collect Valuable Search Data

An innovative locator doesn’t just output location information – it also collects user search data. With each query, you can gather insights into where and what consumers are looking for – whether that is a branch, ATM, ITM, deposits, loans, or any other featured service.
Using locator data, your institution can see which zip codes or geographic areas generate the most searches. You can find out if users are searching for branches with Saturday hours or Spanish-speaking staff. Hot-spot mapping and other data analysis can even help identify new locations your institution should consider for new services, branches, or ATMs.
Use search data from your locator to make smarter decisions about expansion, services, and marketing campaigns – and deliver the optimal experience to your target audience.

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Locators Offer Convenience for Account Holders and Consumers

Most importantly, an innovative locator provides value for your account holders. It makes basic information about branches and ATMs readily accessible across user platforms. When users conduct a search, they can see at a glance:

  • Hours of operation, including weekends or after-hours availability
  • Address and phone number
  • Lobby and drive-thru hours
  • Languages spoken by staff
  • Services like notary, coin counting, and more
  • Features such as safe deposit boxes or night deposit

Account holders appreciate being able to find this information quickly without having to visit multiple web pages. An advanced locator gives them everything they need in one place.

Offering this convenience on both desktop and mobile helps enable on-the-go searches and appeals across generations. Account holders will quickly and easily have the details to decide which location fits their needs to enjoy a better banking experience.

Get Started with a Modern, Innovative Locator Today

As financial institutions strive to provide digital convenience and stay competitive, locator technology like the Wave2 Branch and ATM Locator helps bring unique SEO benefits, account holder convenience, and valuable data insights. Your institution can better serve current and attract new account holders with an innovative, data-driven locator on your website and mobile app.

Wave2 is a leading financial institution locator provider with robust analytics, customizable search filters, and mobile-responsive design. Discover how you can improve your account holder experience and inform your financial institution’s strategy. Contact Wave2 today!

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