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Consumers expect convenience and ease when accessing financial services in today’s fast-paced world. A key part of that experience is being able to quickly find nearby bank branches and ATMs when needed. This is why partnering with a locator software-as a-service (SaaS) provider can make things simpler for banks and credit unions.

Why do consumers need locators to find branches and ATMs?

Customers rely on locator services to find literally everything – including their financial institution’s branches and ATMs. Recent studies regularly show GPS technology is affecting spacial awareness, especially for consumers in major cities. The average person relies heavily on their mobile phone to find places they visit regularly.

Without an easy way to locate branches and ATMs, account holders may find it frustrating and switch to a different primary financial provider that offers this capability. But providing a robust, interactive locator that meets consumer and account holder needs can be difficult – if you handle it internally. Here are three ways partnering with a locator SaaS provider can change the game.

How can a locator SaaS compare to custom code?

Creating a custom locator software solution from scratch requires significant upfront development costs and regular, ongoing maintenance down the road. Partnering with an experienced locator software provider allows financial institutions to avoid these costs and get a solution running quickly.

In addition, partnering with a locator SaaS provider means you don’t have to redirect internal IT resources or hire new developers to build and maintain the software. Most custom-coded locators aren’t built in a way that makes it easy to integrate across website pages or platforms. This often leads to hours of work to change data in multiple places when a single location piece of location data needs to be updated.

The right locator SaaS partner makes launching updating a locator seamless and cost-effective.

Businesses like Wave2, which are focused on providing innovative locator systems make updating simple, saving hours of employee time and effort. Even better, it’s customizable for your financial institution’s branding and easy to scale across platforms and needs.

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Locators can provide amazing insights.

In addition to keeping your location listings current, experienced locator service providers like Wave2 offer valuable usage insights that can help inform future financial institution decisions. Locator analytics and reporting can help you visualize:

  • Which branch and ATM listings attract the most attention
  • Which communities, zip codes, and general locations consumers are searching for branch and ATM access
  • How far people are willing to travel to use your institution’s financial services

These usage patterns can help your bank or credit union determine where you should open new locations or consider closures. It can also provide important demographic insights to help inform your institution’s marketing strategies and outreach efforts.

Wave2’s heat maps and other reporting make all of this data easy to compile, analyze, and communicate with financial institution leadership.

The right locator SaaS partner simplifies your financial institution’s locator needs

A mobile-friendly locator solves friction in the account holder experience when they try to find convenient branches and ATMs. And the most affordable, hassle-free approach is partnering with a proven locator service provider like Wave2. Our expertise in powering accurate, seamless locators drives convenience for your current and potential account holders.

Let us help your financial institution simplify the process of providing flexible, easy-to-use locator services for your employees and account holders. Contact Wave2 today!

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