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September 2023

Wave2 is excited to announce the launch of its latest feature updates to its unparalleled Branch and ATM locator platform. These cutting-edge integrations enable banks and credit unions to effortlessly enhance their websites, mobile apps, and digital banking content with always-current location data, using simple script-based integrations.

“Anyone who maintains a website knows the headache of having to update important information across multiple pages,” said Jason Green, Co-Founder of Wave2. “Our dynamic data integrations eliminate that whole ordeal, ensuring that accurate location information appears everywhere automatically. You can easily integrate this using your own custom layouts and styles without any coding required.”

In addition to automatically displaying the latest branch, ATM, and ITM location information, some of the new integration features include:

  • Scheduled location alert messaging
    Display targeted communication about closings, renovations, maintenance, or weather emergencies, right in your location detail pages
  • Single location mini-maps
    Enhance branch page details with a focused interactive mini-map that filters out competing financial institutions
  • LocalBusiness schema structured data
    Automatically generate this real-time search engine optimization content tailored for discovery and use by search engines
  • Location search forms
    Empower users to search your convenient locations from anywhere in your website

Alongside these powerful integration options, Wave2 is also introducing the ability to pull regular location data updates from YEXT, a commonly used system of record for branches and ATMs. Credit union and bank partners who use YEXT can centralize their location data management in that system, knowing that the Wave2 Locator platform will automatically synchronize location data updates multiple times a day.

Discover more ways the Wave2 Branch and ATM locator platform can help your financial institution streamline convenience and communicate with account holders.

Visit www.wave2locator.com to get more information, view product videos, interact with live demonstrations, and much more.

About Wave2
Wave2, LLC is a technology solutions provider for financial institutions. Their flagship product, the Wave2 Locator, is an interactive location search and mapping platform for use inside the web and mobile offerings of credit unions and community banks. It was designed to provide an outstanding user experience while making it easy to find your own branches and ATM locations, surcharge-free ATM network locations, shared branch locations, and retail partners all in one mobile-responsive and ADA accessible tool without leaving your trusted environment. Learn more at wave2.io and wave2locator.com today.

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