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Despite the growth of fintechs and branchless banks, most consumers who bank are associated with an institution that has physical branches. However, the expectations accountholders have for these locations is becoming more demanding.

Digital banking consumers aren’t “digital only”.

Over half (51%) of consumers prefer digital banking to any other type of banking experience. But that doesn’t stop them from visiting a branch or engaging with an ATM. Because, while mobile or online banking can handle a wide range of standard transactions, there are some questions and concerns which simply need to be handled in-person such as resolving account issues and making larger financial institutions like loans or investments. In fact, over sixty percent of account holders step into a branch at least once a month.

What do consumers want in the non-digital realm?

The most important attribute of physical banking for consumers is ATM and self-service access. Over thirty-five percent of branch visits made by account holders are to access the automated machine located on the exterior of the branch. Another thirty-three percent would be excited to see video tellers or ITM technology at their local branch.

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But, despite the excitement over self-service technology, consumers want more out of their in-person experience, too. Things like shorter wait times or, even better, the ability to schedule an appointment ahead of time. And how would they schedule? Through their mobile banking app, of course.

How can financial institutions stay ahead of the game?

Requests like appointment scheduling don’t have to be difficult. There are a wide range of easy-to-use integrations like bookafyAcuity Scheduling, or Coconut Software. Credit unions and banks who want to get even more granular can provide specific links based on a representative’s branch.  Then, using interactive branch and ATM locator technologies like Wave2, it is a simple move to add a “Schedule Your Visit” link and instantly provide an updated service option accountholders will love.

Because, while mobile banking applications might be the name of the game, consumers know their financial institution has the answers…in-person at their local branch.

Find out how the Wave2 locator can help people find your branches, ITMs, ATMs, lending offices and more, and then easily schedule appointments using your existing scheduling platform right inside your locator!

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