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It’s no secret that consumers are growing to expect more and more from their financial institutions’ mobile applications. They want security and control of their accounts, such as locking debit and credit cards, identity protection, and multilayer confirmations for device logins. They want fast, electronic bill payments and electronic direct deposit set-up. They want fast and localized information about branches, ATMs, and surcharge-free ATMs nationwide and in their back yard. And, of course, they want digital money management such as lists of recurring charges, credit score viewing, and more.

How Will This Help My Institution Keep Up?

But how are credit unions and community banks with smaller budgets supposed to compete? The answer could be in the growing number of low and no code development platforms (LNCD) like white labeled mobile applications, branch and ATM locators, and complete application builders. Here are three ways these new systems can give financial institutions a way to realistically meet consumer digital demands.

  1. Easy to use, even for companies with minimal programming experience. The growing number of new development platforms are designed to package pre-existing code in a way that can be arranged to build applications. Compiling these code packets is simple when it is placed in a graphic interface complete with drag-and-drop technology.
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2. Lower development timelines. Standard application development requires a great deal of planning and effort to write and test lines and lines of code. Often, front-end and back-end development together can take months going back-and-forth between development, testing, and compliance. LNCD platforms eliminate a large portion of the code writing process, meaning less time between testing or compliance response and resubmittal. The result is a much shorter period between concept and launch.

3. Meet consumer demands faster. Consumers expect fast response to their expectations and account holder standards and requirements are changing more quickly than ever before. Taking advantage of LNCD can help credit unions and community banks become far more agile when it comes to meeting the needs of their target audience.

Low and no code technology supplies a significant advantage for financial institutions that are looking for a better, more cost-effective way to meet consumer’s digital demands. Fortunately, there are businesses like Wave 2 ready and able to provide their financial institution partners with the tools they need to quickly implement viable solutions for account holders.

Multiple No Code and Low Code Integration Options

Did you know that Wave2 can be added to your website with literally a one-line copy/paste?  That’s it, with this no-code integration, our software implements all the mobile-responsive features and platform detection tools automatically and crafts a great user experience.   

The same thing is true in your mobile apps! You can drop our mobile-specific URL into a WebView object and it will deliver a seamless integration of the fully interactive locator experience right inside your app! That is a low-code solution, because you are still adding in a WebView object and setting its permissions.  To keep things totally no-code in a mobile app, you would simply link out to your direct mobile URL from a menu item or hyperlink in your mobile app.  That will open the mobile-first user experience inside the mobile browser for a great user experience.

Find out how the Wave2 locator can help local consumers find your financial institution!

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