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One of your most popular and important resources is probably also one of your worst mobile user experiences. Wave2 can help!

You’re out and about, enjoying the great outdoors (finally) when you realize you need to grab something. It doesn’t matter what it is, really, but you need to find someplace nearby. So you, of course, pull out your laptop and hook up to the nearest wi-fi signal to find out what you need to know.

Oh, wait, you don’t carry your laptop in your back pocket? Of course, you don’t! But you do have a small computer you carry around that will do the job – your mobile phone.

Here are four reasons your branch and ATM locator should be optimized for mobile.

  1. People choose mobile over desktop.  Around a decade ago, most people perused the internet using their desktop or laptop computer. Smartphones were still relatively new and generally fairly expensive. But that pattern has changed significantly in the past ten years. There are now an estimated 6 billion smartphone users worldwide. And today, mobile search outpaces desktop and tablet worldwide.

So, whether they are using Google maps or your dedicated location mapping tool, chances are your current, and potential account holders are finding you with the device they hold in the palm of their hand.

  1. Search engines are going mobile-first. Google was officially mobile-first as of early 2021. Websites that are not configured for agile design or to cater to mobile users are penalized in searches with lower rankings – assuming they appear at all. Google, specifically, has eliminated any difference between search configurations based on the device. So, whether a user is searching from their desktop or their mobile device, the search criteria and results delivered do not change.
  2. You want to be included in “near me” searches. Your locator is crucial because it helps provide search engines with multiple references to all of your available locations for better responses when those smartphone users are out, about, and searching for branches and ATMs “near me.” In fact, “near me” searches grew more than 28% in 2020 – amid a pandemic.
  1. You care about your account holders. Nearly half (48%) of users say that if a site doesn’t work well on their smartphone, it feels like the company doesn’t care about them or their business. Bounce rates, or the rate of people leaving the site immediately after landing on the page, increases significantly for websites that do not cater to mobile users. Now imagine attempting to use a locator that is inappropriately sized for your phone. Would you stick around?

With more people choosing to search on mobile, the growing reliance on local search, and frustration with websites that do not function well on smaller devices, the importance of mobile optimization for your online branch and ATM locator seems pretty straightforward.

Find out how the Wave2 locator can help your financial institution get your locator mobile optimized and much more!

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