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Harrisburg, PA & Gaithersburg, MD – March 2021: Wave2 is Excited to Partner with CrossState Solutions
to Deliver Advanced Branch & ATM Locator Capabilities.

Wave 2 and CrossState Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CrossState Credit Union Association, are partnering to help New Jersey and Pennsylvania credit unions provide convenient and friction-free Branch & ATM Locator services through one fully-integrated mapping tool, the Wave2 Locator.

The Wave2 Locator answers a strong demand for a modern software that:
• Combines credit union branches and ATMs as well as their surcharge-free ATM and shared branching network locations.
• Provides a mobile-first responsive design.
• Meets ADA accessibility requirements.

In addition to these essential features, the locator also provides 3-D mapping views, street level views, real-time open/closed indicators, photos of credit union locations, GPS search, and predictive text search. Credit unions can also benefit from Location Alerts in the Wave2 tool to provide messaging about changes to branch hours due to weather, holidays, pandemics, and renovations.

“Credit unions have a mission to deliver outstanding member service and have invested in access to thousands of convenient surcharge-free ATMs and shared branches nationwide,” said Robin Brunner, Acting Senior Vice President of CrossState Solutions. “To help credit unions facilitate easier member access to that network, we have partnered with Wave2 to provide the best available Branch & ATM Locator technology. Whether members are at home, at work, or traveling, it is quick and easy to find nearby ATM and branch resources to meet their financial needs.”

Wave2 takes this even further with an Admin Portal that enables control over every aspect of the location data and the user interface in real time. Powerful tracking and visualization tools allow credit unions to better understand how the Locator is being used, and specifically where their members are searching for branches and ATMs. This kind of user behavioral data can be a powerful aid in decisions about new branch and ATM placements, retail partnerships, and even geographically targeted marketing.

“We are very excited to partner with CrossState Solutions to provide the next generation of Branch & ATM Locator technology, enabling frictionless access by members to a credit union’s entire network of convenient locations,” said Jason Green, Co-Founder of Wave2. “Credit union members have come to expect a seamless user experience regardless of the service channel that they use. To that end, credit unions have been very appreciative of our mobile and ADA support of Locator services, as well as the new technologies we have brought to the industry in our second-generation solution. Wave2 has two main goals: to deliver great products that will help financial institutions serve their account holders better, and to build long-lasting relationships with our clients through fanatical client support.”

About CrossState Solutions
CrossState Solutions, the CrossState Credit Union Association’s service corporation, provides the tools and solutions necessary to thrive in today’s competitive and ever-changing financial services landscape. They are committed to identifying partners with top-quality, market-leading solutions, as well as developing their own programs, to ensure that member credit unions have access to the products and services that matter most. Visit https://www.crossstate.org/solutions/solutions-you-can-trust/ for more information.

About Wave2
The Wave2 Branch & ATM Locator is an interactive location search and mapping tool for use inside the web and mobile offerings of credit unions and other financial institutions. It was designed to provide a great user experience while making it easy to find your own branches and ATM locations, surcharge-free ATM network locations, shared branch locations, and retail partners all in one tool without having to leave your trusted web or mobile environment. Please visit wave2locator.com for more information and live demos.

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