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How is YOUR institution communicating the frequent changes in hours, closures, restrictions, safety measures, and special resources during the global pandemic? Wave2 can help!

The global pandemic has thrown out a slew of challenges for banks and credit unions. Concerns about how to continue providing financial access while maintaining safety have been a primary focus since last March. And whether that means restricting branch hours, increasing ATM and ITM access, or implementing additional barriers and safety measures, communication is a component.

Fortunately, interactive online and mobile locators can help your institution keep account holders up-to-date on what is happening with your branches and off-premise access locations. Here are four (4) of the benefits of having a robust locator to address emergencies like COVID-19.

  1. Location Alerts – There have been instances where branches, malls, and restaurants have had to notify visitors of a recent positive COVID-19 exposure. Whether your location is a direct branch, shared branch, or off-premise location, this information can be critical to keeping account holders informed and safe. Software such as the Wave2 interactive locator can help your institution generate notifications for these situations as well as provide an option for delivering maintenance and weather emergency messages.
  2. Hours of Operation Updates – COVID has caused quite a few financial institutions to change their long-term and on-the-fly operation hours. But these changes are not easily updated on big-name mapping tools, which often delay updates by several hours or even days due to review processes. Independent mapping and location providers can make it faster and easier for your online and mobile locator integrations to reflect sudden changes.
  3. Live Open/Closed Indicators – Mapping applications that are slow to update hours also have issues displaying correct open and closed indicators. However, mapping tools such as the Wave2 locator keep tabs on even the most updated hour changes to display accurate information in real-time.
  1. Robust Search Filters – High-risk individuals and those with family members in high-risk categories may be warier of in-person interactions such as in-branch visits. Customized locator software can provide more filters for your website and mobile location tool. Filtered searches can help these individuals find more accommodating options for account access, such as drive-up lanes and interactive/video ATMs.

Whether it is to help at-risk account holders, generate location-based alerts, or keep consumers informed of your latest hours of operation, custom locator tools are quickly becoming an essential communication mechanism for banks and credit unions.

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