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ADA accessibility, mobile responsive design, user experience, customer service,  performance and reliability, and powerful admin tools are key differentiators.

Gaithersburg, MD After extensive technical development and testing, Wave2, LLC has officially launched its Branch & ATM Locator solution for credit unions and community banks.

The Wave2 Locator was developed to answer a strong demand among credit unions and community banks for a modern software solution that could combine their own branches and ATMs, multiple surcharge-free ATM networks, shared branches, and retail locations into one coherent high-performance search and mapping display featuring mobile-first responsive design, ADA accessibility, and a great user experience – all right inside the financial institution’s websites and mobile properties.

Wave2 takes this even further, by combining these strengths with an admin system that enables control over every aspect of the location data and the user interface in real time. Powerful tracking and visualization tools allow financial institutions to better understand how the locator is being used, and specifically where their users are searching for their branches and ATMs. This kind of user behavioral data can be a powerful aid in decisions about new branch and ATM placements, retail partnerships, and even geographically targeted marketing.

Additionally, the system can be integrated with mobile apps and other systems through use of the Wave2 Locator APIs. Although the mobile responsive experience is often superior even to a native mobile app, the Wave2 APIs can give third parties access to all location data and search functionality behind the scenes to that they can present it within their own user interface.

“We are proud to launch Wave2,” says Jason Green, Co-Founder. “The response we have received from credit unions and banks has been very exciting. We knew there was a great need for mobile and ADA support, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the level of excitement around features like our live open/closed indicators, our 3-D mapping interface, and our built-in photo slideshows.” He added, “We have two main goals, really – to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and to deliver great products that will help them serve their members and customers better.”

About Wave2
The Wave2 Branch & ATM Locator is an interactive location search and mapping tool for use inside the web and mobile offerings of credit unions, community banks, and other financial institutions. It allows users to find any of your own branch or ATM locations, your surcharge-free ATM network locations, and your shared branch locations, all in one tool without having to leave your trusted environment. Please visit www.wave2locator.com for more information and interactive demonstrations.

Jason Green, Co-Founder
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