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Wave2 Mobile App WebView Integration

If you are exploring possible mobile app integrations of the Wave2 Locator, we highly recommend using our WebView approach which essentially embeds a mobile responsive web browser seamlessly into your mobile app content containing an optimized version of the Wave2 Locator GUI.  There are many advantages to this approach, notably that it requires very little software development or maintenance, and that it provides a very rich and consistent user experience that is mobile responsive, ADA accessible, and always up-to-date, right inside your Android and iOS mobile apps.

For details about WebView integration, including techical guidance on approach, links, and some discussions about required permissions, deployment, and more, please download the Wave2 Integration Guide.

Wave2 Location API

The Wave2 Location API provides third party developers access to our real-time aggregated multi-network branch and ATM location search and mapping functionality for integration into mobile apps, kiosks, and other third-party systems.

The Locationr API gives access to the same extended data and services that power our own Wave2 ATM Locator system, including enhanced hours of operation data, image slideshow data, email and SMS/Text sharing, and more.

Location API calls are made using REST (Representational State Transfer) protocol and basic HTTP authentication. Requests are made by supplying the appropriate query parameters to a variety of endpoints using appropriate API service URLs, with the results returned in JSON format.

Wave2 Location API requests and responses are detailed in the Wave2 Location API Technical Specification Guide, and on Postman in the online API docs for the Location API.