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CO-OP Locator Widget

Website Integration

Embedding our fully interactive, mobile responsive, ADA Accessible CO-OP Locator Widgets for search and mapping of thousands of CO-OP ATMs and CO-OP Shared Branches is as simple as a one-line copy and paste into your site HTML.

You should be up and running in a matter of minutes, so let’s get started!

1. Create a Promotional Page About Convenient Nationwide Access 

Select or create a page or pages in your website to promote your convenient nationwide surcharge-free ATMs and/or shared branches.  This is where you will display the CO-OP Locator Widget.

Many members are not aware of this great benefit that you offer – they may have no idea of what a Shared Branch is or how it works and they may not realize they can use CO-OP ATMs nationwide without paying a surcharge. 

This is your opportunity to educate members and to promote your convenient access, so be sure to fill this page with helpful content and related information. This will more effectively promote your convenience and explain the details and benefits of all your CO-OP locations.

2. Select the Best Spot for Your CO-OP Locator Widget

Bigger is usually better, and Mobile Responsive is Critical!

Your Wave2 CO-OP Locator Widget is already mobile responsive, which means it will dynamically fill whatever container you put it in, and will automatically optimize its presentation for the screen size and device type of the user. 

However, because the locator will be contained within your website structure, it is important that you integrate it into a “container” that is already mobile responsive and which is controlled by your site CSS to size itself appropriately.  That way, the locator will “ride along” in coordination with your site as it adapts to mobile screens.

Important Note: Be sure that the container you select has a defined height value!  Otherwise, the locator will not know how tall to make itself when it renders in your site.

3. Integrate Your Widget

Integration could not be simpler: a one-line copy and paste!

Depending on whether you offer CO-OP ATMs, Shared Branch or both, simply select the appropriate Site Integration Tag from the text boxes below and copy and paste it into the HTML Source of your page in the appropriate location that you identified in Step 2.




Important Note: The ID value for this script needs to be W2L

That’s it!  As soon as you publish this page, your Wave2 CO-OP Locator Widget will be live and will automatically provide a compelling interactive mapping experience for your members.

Did You Know You Can Also Include ALL Your Own Locations & Surcharge-Free ATMs?!

If you are looking for a more complete locator solution, the Wave2 ATM Locator is a fully customized search and mapping locator system for your Credit Union which will include all your own branches and ATMs as well as all your surcharge-free network ATMs from multiple networks.  Plus it will be customized to use your logos, colors, branding, detailed hours, unlimited photos, branch and ATM details, and more.

It also includes an amazing Admin Portal that gives you 24/7 control over all the details, as well as detailed tracking, reporting, and visualization tools like Search Heat Mapping!

If you want to take advantage of ALL Wave2 has to offer, please explore www.Wave2Locator.com to learn more.